Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Tangle challenges

A question for visitors to this blog: how useful do you find online challenges? What do you do when you have a run of feeling uninspired by them? 

I normally look forward to the various online challenges I participate in. Until recently, I haven't missed a Made by Joey for months, and I've been a regular Diva participant for over 2 years. I've backed off It's a String Thing lately because I don't use strings that often anymore - I find them too restrictive - and there is a time factor involved. I can't do everything all the time.

Lately, however, it's been a real effort to take part. Not sure why or what to think. 

This week I've only made two tiles and both for Made by Joey.

Here's last week's J, which I completed last night. I've used Jelly roll, Jax and Jelly Legs.

Tonight I tackled K. I used Kiss, Keeko, Kitl and Lollywimple. The last one doesn't start with a K but none of the other K tangles suited so I chose one using the last initial of my name, L.

The last IAST challenge I did was something I am quite proud of. I used an Opus tile and experimented with the tangles and with the Mist colours.

Other drawing

This tile was an experiment with deep, intense colours. I had my Vibrant Colour Shading book by Eni Oken with me, my grey Copic markers and my Derwent Inktense pencils. Here's the result. The size is A4. Tangles used were MySwing, Quabog, Mooka and Tripoli.

A weekend away

Last weekend was a long weekend in Canberra. As I don't work Tuesdays it was extra long for me. The Husband also took the Tuesday off.

We spent the weekend at Jervis Bay - my 3rd visit in 4 months and my 5th since January last year. Each time we go we stay somewhere different but all within easy reach of the beach.

Here's my portable art studio. I loved the wooden floors throughout the house, and the big windows that overlooked lush gardens at the front and back. Getting lots of ideas for my dream house that I hope to own one day in the area.

We took Milo the Dog with us. He had such fun last time that we had to bring him along again. The poor boy has arthritis in one of his back legs and he gets tired more easily, not that he would admit to either. 

Here he is at one of the dog beaches. He loves being in the water, running on the sand, chasing tennis balls in the surf and swimming. He is one happy, happy dog boy.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed seeing your tiles, all of them!! That's one thing about the challenges that I find inspiring: I can see what other tanglers are doing, and see what original tangles, and new-to-me tangles they are using.

Yes, I sincerely enjoy the challenges, and have been doing them since some time in 2011, so about six years now. Not only do I enjoy them, but I need them, as well. Without the challenges I don't seem to learn any new tangles, nor do I seem to have much of an incentive/imagination to draw on my own. Right now I am following five challenges: Joey, the Diva, IAST, Diane and Carolien, and Square One. I don't have the equipment to post my work online, altho I'm hoping that one day I will.


Lori Byerly said...

Lovely tiles!

I enjoy challenges because they push me to think outside the box (some of my better tiles come from difficult challenges) and I pick up a lot of new patterns. It's also a good place to meet folks who love to tangle.

Ilse said...

Beautiful work!

Michele Wynne said...

Lovely work! Thanks for sharing your holiday pics. I always enjoy a peek into the people behind the blog;-)
I always look forward to the weekly challenges. There have been many times that I've not been inspired though. I really resist the holiday inspired themes and the String Challenges vex me more often than not. It's those moments when I feel the least inspired, that I have to find ways to wrap my brain around a challenging challenge. I've always been surprised by what comes out of those. There's a reason they're called challenges. I know that sounds trite but some of my best work has come out of a challenge that my first instinct was to say "I think I'll skip this one".

Susan Theron said...

I Love to do the challenges, because I learn from my fellow tanglers. Lovely tiles all of them.