Sunday, 4 December 2016

Tangle challenges

First up I want to thank people for dropping by my blog and leaving comments. The comments help me feel connected to other Tanglers and help keep me motivated to draw. I haven't been drawing much lately due to the usual end of year work and family pressures.

I did order some more Zentangle supplies which arrived a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday I started playing around with circular tiles. Later I'll get out the Opus tiles and see what appears on them.

Diva #295 - more fragments

Loved doing this challenge. I used fragments J6 and X7 on my first tile then W2 and W7 on my second with a little Hollibaugh.

Made by Joey

Not so many people do this challenge. Not sure why. Maybe people don't know about it? I highly recommend it. Joey often gets us to finish a tile that she has started. This is a great way to get back into drawing when you are struggling to find your mojo.

Here's my tile. It starts with Pipez and a zigzag string. I've used a circular tile and surrounded it with Pixioze.

It's a string thing

This week's feature tangles of Veridigogh and Cruffle.

12 Days of 3Zs

Finally, The Mother Ship has released triangular tiles and a 12 days of Zentangle Challenge. The link to the challenge is here. I've made my own triangular tiles from 220gsm artists paper.

Thanks for dropping by.

Miss L


Deanne Biron said...

Love all your Tiles, but especially you R/F tiles! Terrific composition!

Michele Wynne said...

Beautiful work! The Diva tiles are especially lovely;-)

Susan Theron said...

Lovely tiles. I like the Diva ones most.

Gudrun S. said...

Wonderful tiles :-)

Anne's tangle blog said...

All beautiful, but the first is my favorite!!!

Annette P. (aka LonettA) said...

Wonderful tiles this week again! Especially I like the first one .., . it´s just gorgeous! Great white hightlights!

Jean Chaney said...

Very nice pieces. Super use of fragments, and I love Verdigogh!

Anonymous said...

Love the first tile the most, especially with the white highlights. I think I over thought it this week with the grid and didn't make a string first, I really like how you did your two Diva tiles.