Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Made by Joey tiles

Happy New Year people. 

Made by Joey #144 and #145

Here are my tiles for these two challenges. Both feature the new tangle Drawings. I learnt this during the 12 Days of 3Zs challenge and like it so keep using it.

That reminds me - I have to check out Tanglepatterns to see when the new ebook of Tangles comes out.

Christmas Day at Chateau L

I had a lovely Christmas Day with my family (kids, husband, furry friends) and on the 23rd a lovely pre-Christmas with my extended family (my kids, husband, my sorta-daughter and her boyfriend who is my sorta-son).  

Here's Arthur wearing his Santa outfit. Luna was a reindeer. 

Something I learnt at Christmas - no matter how careful you are, new knives can be dangerous. Here's a photo taken at around the time most people would have been having Christmas lunch. No stitches needed but we couldn't be sure. 

My happy place

I took off to the coast for a few days on my own before Christmas. Canberra would be the perfect city if it was a couple of hundred kilometres east of where it is, putting on the coast. 

Here's a photo of me on my last morning at Huskisson, taken in the rain near Moona Moona Creek. I can spend hours walking on the beach, swimming in it, looking at it or just being near enough to smell it. 

Do you like my umbrella? I bought it when I was in Launceston last July, drawing with Shelley Beauchamp. Good memories.

My other happy place is, surprisingly, the gym. I've been getting back into the gym lately. I'm really enjoying getting stronger and fitter.

Here's a photo of one of the weights machines I use. Have to increase the weights next session as the 40kg I'm pushing is too easy. Who'd of thought that!!!!  So proud of myself.

Thanks for dropping by.

Miss L


LezliB said...

Love your tiles for Joey's challenge. They are very nicely done. Looks like everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Your kitten looks adorable. I look forward to seeing your work in the upcoming year. I hope it's a great one for you and yours

michele said...

Great work on the Joey pieces! I love the contrast of the Barberpole. Wishing you a wonderful New Year;-)