Saturday, 1 October 2016

Tangle challenges - 1st October

It's a String Thing

This week's IAST challenge was quite simple - use a basic square border then use W2 plus whatever other tangles we liked.

For my first tile I kept it as a monotangle. 

But one tile was not enough, so I did a second, this time adding Fleavy and Dicso.

Made by Joey

Made by Joey is another finish my tile challenge, using a strip of diva dance flowing through the tile. While I like the way other people use Diva Dance, it doesn't flow for me.

My first tile uses Cadent, Shattuck and Mooka. 

My second uses Flux (my go-to tangle), with Lollywimple (thanks to Ria M for sharing that tangle), CreZendo (careful if you search this for tangle as you may end up at a condom website), and Pufcookie.

Other art

I tried my hand at decoupage this week using Japanese Washi paper. What do you think?

Where I've been creating this week

I have just come back from a few days on my own, staying in the beautiful Blue Mountains. Here's a shot of the Three Sisters, which is a major, major tourist attraction for Sydney, even though the Sisters are 3 hours west of the city centre.

And here's a couple of photos from Govett's Leap, which was only a 15 minute walk from where I stayed in the village of Blackheath. More photos to come.

Ah, the serenity.

Miss L


Ria Matheussen said...

Very nice tiles, all of them, but really amazing are your W2 tiles, just beautiful. It is so sad that AUstralia is so far away, I think it is a wonderful country with a very special nature. Thanks for the pics Karen!

Anonymous said...

Amazing renditions of W2, a tangle that I have SOOOO much trouble with. Great job!

The washi paper decoupage is stunning, another great job.

And finally, I loved the photos. Great page all in all!!


Susan Theron said...

Lovely tiles!

Suse said...

Such gorgeous work, love it all. I'm not great friends with diva dance either, it's just not one I love.
I hope you enjoyed your trip away, I haven't been to the Blue Mountains since a high school careers trip. So beautiful there. Thanks for visiting!

Nadine Roller said...

Fascinated about your tiles!!!! So creative:-)!!!