Saturday, 15 October 2016

Diva #288 - Gourdgeous

This week's Diva challenge was to use the tangle Gourdgeous. This is not a tangle I ever use, although I do like what other people do with it. It took me several tiles over a couple of nights to get some work that I was prepared to show on my blog. What is complicating things is that I'm trying to make my drawings more 3D with layers of tangles, as per Eni Oken's 3D tangling book. Maybe I should just use the KISS principle in future ie Keep It Simple, Stupid?

Here's the first tile. The ink for the Flux is a dark grey which didn't come out as grey on the tile unfortunately. 

My second tile plays with Kaiser Mists sprays, and the tangles Squid and Pixiote.

My final tile is one which combines Washi paper, coloured pencils and tangles. The tile ws left over from the ZIA I worked on last weekend. The tangle in colour is Gnarly. I got the idea of using Gnarly from Ilse's page this week. 

Other drawing

Last weekend I played around with an A4 ZIA which combines Japanese Washi paper and my Kaiser Mists (in red, candy and yellow). Washi paper has been used in Japan for centuries and is most commonly seen in origami and in Washi Eggs, which is a Western use of the paper.  I combined all that with some cardboard shapes I found in my old scrapbooking box. 

Tangles include: Tri-Bee, Mooka, Tripoli in the bakground, Shattuck, Purk and Knightsbridge in the white space section, and Shattuch, Tripoli and Buttercup on the tiles.  I hadn't intended to use Mooka but it just arrived all on its own so I went with it.

Walking the dog

I'm very fortunate to live somewhere with easy access to native bushland and the facilities of a city. That's what Canberra is - a capital city in the bush. The photos below were taken in a tract of bushland only 10 minutes walk from my house.

It is Spring here and I'm seeing some of the shyer creatures coming out. Below are some photos of an echidna, which is an animal only found in Australia. This one is about 40cm long. The photo is a bit grainy as I didn't want to get too close to it and scare it.

And here's my dog Milo enjoying the wildflowers. Milo is a Kelpie and is 10 years old. The poor dog has arthritis in his hips now which means daily walks are even more important for him.

Have a good week. And sorry for not visiting many of your blogs at the moment. 

Miss L


Ria Matheussen said...

A nice post to read, I love all animals, and I like your pictures. I'm glad to read that you are taking good care for such a lovely dog as Milo!
Your Gourgeoustiles are original and well drawn but my absolute favorite is the "big work" everything is beatiful: the chosen tangles, these Washi stuff, the colors you have created, I love it!

Michele Wynne said...

Your tiles are all lovely! This is not an easy pattern to work least for me. I especially love the first one. Well done!

Michele Wynne said...
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Anonymous said...

I really like all of your tiles, but I love the first one and the A4 ZIA~! Larger-sized tangling is something I also love to do, so it's nice seeing someone else do it.

Your dog is a beautiful fellow. I'm so sorry about his arthritis, bless his heart, and I hope he can keep up with his walks for years to come.


1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Wow I love all you r work. It was fun to see the pictures of the critter! Our 6th graders are studying Australian animal right now so I am going to share your blog with those teachers, so the kiddos can see.

Anja said...

WOW! Amazing tiles! My favorite is your ZIA & Milo and the echidna! ;-) Happy Sunday!

Suse said...

We went on holidays to Canberra two years ago and I wondered what people from other countries would think of being able to see wild kangaroos 10 minutes drive from Parliament house. It's a unique city.
Your work is lovely, kudos for incorporating other tangles into your gourds, Inhad a hard enough time just drawing mine. I love the washi paper idea, I've just started experimenting with layering papers as I don't have time or space for paint or ink and I'm great at cutting lol (big part of my day job), but I hadn't thought to incorporate patterned papers as yet. I love Japanese prints too.

Susan Theron said...

Beautiful tiles especially the first one.