Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Diva #290 - 'NZeppel and Flux


A big thank you and lots of virtual hugs to those lovely people who posted supportive comments on my blog recently. Your words of encouragement made a difference. I also followed your advice in how I tackled my art - in attitude and in how to pick tangles.

I'm forever grateful to this amazing online community that has developed around Zentangle.

Diva #290

Flux is my most used tangle so I was very pleased to see it featured this week in the Diva challenge. I also use 'NZeppel quite a bit too.

This week I decided to use spirals for my string. I think someone submitted a tile like this shortly after the Diva posted the challenge. Anyway, I got the spirals from Shelly Beauch's blog. Here are my two tiles. Same string, same tangles, same day, different results.

Other drawing

After hitting a blank wall of no inspiration and loads of self doubt, I took advice from those lovely people who commented and came up with this ZIA.  I used circles as strings, Ponio as a partial border, 'Dillo, Squill, and Cyme in the balls, with Purk crossed with Hollibaugh and sprigs of Poke Root for the overlap, then Tattle as filler. Tattle I found on by using the type selector on the side of the page. Could not resist adding a touch of Kaiser Mist on the edges.

Potter's Society open day

On Sunday I took BoyBoy to the Potter's Society Open Day. BoyBoy is 17 and in his second last of year of school.  He's discovered a love of ceramics and sculpture this year and now hopes to study it at  university.

I thought it would be good for him to join the Potter's Society. This would help him expand his skills, develop his portfolio (which is needed for entrance to the course he wants to do at uni) and might get him out of bed and off his computer during the coming summer holidays. So, we found ourselves at the open day.

We got to try a few things, including the potters wheel and Raku firing of some pots. With the Raku firing, we paid a token amount for a pot then got to apply glaze to it. An hour later our pots came out. It was a surprisingly fun couple of hours (and surprising amount of time we spent there!).

BoyBoy will join the society some time soon(ish) and will do some evening courses there next year.

Here are some photos.

Me at the wheel. So much harder than it looks. The mess was fun.

I thought I'd show you a bigger shot of the mosaic in the background of the pot shot. This mosaic is about 90 x 60cm in size. I made it and it's partner about 5 years ago when I was in my mosaics phase. Zentangle is so much neater than mosaics!

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by. 

Miss L


Ria Matheussen said...

Beautiful tiles, I can't say which one I prefer, I love them both.These spiral strings are great to start a tile. I always struggle with strings but this one looks so nice.
Your Zia work is nice too and so is the potterie!

Anja said...

Beautiful tiles! Love both! My favorite is the second one.
Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos!

Jean Chaney said...

Your tiles have such a lovely flow using the spiral string. I especially like the first one. Your Flux is so flowing in both. I had to chuckle at the wheel comments. My son is a glassblower and gave me a "lesson" a while back. Nope, not easy either!

Anne's tangle blog said...

Your tiles are gorgeous!!!! The second is my favorite.

1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

I love your first tile! I reminds me of little plants sprouting up from between the cobbles.

Anonymous said...

Lovely tiles and, yes, amazing how the "same" thing can turn out so differently.

Annette P. (aka LonettA) said...

Both tiles are beautiful! I can´t decide for a favorite!