Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Diva #276 - Duotangle

Diva challenge

This week the challenge was to combine Poke Root and Drupe into a tile but not as two distinct Tangles.

The first one is a simple black and white.

The second one was intended to be black and white as well but those Poke Roots were crying out for some colour. I used my new bigger set of Inktense pencils.

Other drawing

On Monday I was lacking inspiration but still wanted to draw. I turned to Sandy Steen Bartholomew's Yoga for your Brain. I've decided to slowly work my way through this book, learning some of the Tangles and Tangellations that Sandy demonstrates. 

I chose the Tangles Slurp and Muffit because I like the Tangles, not just their names (which are cute). I used string #184 for my first tile.

Fail. Fail. Fail.

Decided to go back to basics and choose Tangles that actually complement each other. I stuck with Slurp and added Warped Eggs. Much happier with this tile.

Also did some drawing on the weekend. I created a simple ZIA of flowers for Mothers' Day. Mothers' Day is a day of mixed emotions for me. My relationship with my children is great but the same cannot be said for my relationship with my mother. 

Dinner at Jamie's

I'm sure readers of this blog would have heard of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. He has a restaurant in Canberra called 'Jamie's Italian'. We went there for dinner on Saturday night - part birthday for me (not quite 50 yet) and Mothers' Day.

Dinner was super lovely. Food was high standard, as usual, and my family were funny and talkative and wonderful. We went across the road for dessert. Here are photos of my meal (I feel so 21st Century doing that!). My main included kale. Erk. Why bother with this plant when spinach tastes better and cooks more evenly?

No More Excuses 

This is the name for my get fitter, lose weight and exercise more plan. 

My weight is coming down slowly. I'm not a perfect human so it did go up a bit over the weekend due to not exercising as much as I should, eating at Jamie's and having a cocktail with dinner (Jamie's make a delicious vanilla and lemon martini. I also helped Moo finish her Mojito - nice but not as good as my martini).

I met with a personal trainer at my gym yesterday. That was useful. Meeting him again next week so he can show me the weights exercises. This week I'm working on a new cardio program and some core strength exercises. It was good to be able to check in with him this afternoon to make sure I was doing the core exercises correctly. I expect to be very sore tomorrow.

Have a good week

Miss L


Ria Matheussen said...

Love your tile with the inktense pencils, very original and nice colours. Also the tile with Slurp and Warped eggs is a beauty.
You are a lucky person that you can go to eat in a restaurant of Jamie. He is very famous in Europe.!!!
And now again: success with the strenght exercises.

Lorna said...

Both Diva tiles are great. I love the purple pokes!

Bine said...

My favorit is the second coloured tile for the Diva.

Karen Aicken said...

I really like your challenge tiles - very nice. Also, THANK YOU for posting the tile you felt was a fail. It's always encouraging when people post work they aren't happy with as it makes the rest of us feel normal. Your dinner sounds like it would be a real treat.

michele said...

Gorgeous work! I really love the purple Pokeroots;-)

Anne's tangle blog said...

I like the first, but LOVE the second one. That one is so original.

The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

You are always so busy with your tangling. Your drupe Pokeroot tiles are great with their shading. I have noticed this trend to photograph food, as you say very 21st century, and yet I enjoy seeing it. I wonder if it is because these restaurants all serve their food in such interesting ways - art on a plate?

Suzanne Fluhr said...

People who regularly eat out with travel bloggers have learned not to start their meal until it has been duly photographed. My husband even manages to keep his eye rolling to a minimum.

Nice job with your duotangles. I definitely have to look into inktense pencils. Yours is the second Diva Challenge post this week where they were used with impressive results.

I'm impressed by your "no excuses" commitment. We're moving into an apartment building that has a gym on the premises. Talk about no excuses! And, I'm definitely of a "use it, or lose it" age.

Jean Chaney said...

All nice pieces and I LOVE the exploding purple PokeRoot!

Anja said...

Wow! Love them all. My favorite is the second one! Happy Sunday!