Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Diva #270 - Skye

This week's Diva challenge

The challenge this week was to use Skye. Now this is one I break the Zentangle rules for and use a pencil first. Sometimes rules are meant to broken, right?

Here's my first tile, featuring Skye and Tipple. I coloured it afterwards using simple pan water colours. This tile is amongst my best work. 

My next two tiles are OK. I like my Skye and I like the other elements but I'm not thrilled with how they work together. Need more practice with Mooka I think.

Other drawing

This weekend I've been playing with geometric dinosaurs. Huh? Do a google search and you'll find lots of dinosaurs filled with lovely triangles, just waiting for you to print out and fill with Tangles.

My first try I filled with Paradox.

My next try I filled with Puf which is a relative of Fasset.

The last one I filled with Puf but in colour, as you can see, with a back and foreground of Hollyhock, Sanibelle, 3-Loops-6 and a touch of Flux. I haven't used these Tangles in combination before but I'm going to again.

Eating out

A shout out to Andrew at Versatile. The Husband and I had dinner there on Saturday night. We felt the need for some time together and we found this place, just a short drive from us. The menu is described as being 'Modern Australian'.  For those of you not in Australia, that is code for combining whatever ingredients the chef feels like, using whatever cultural references or techniques they want to.

The food was delicious. The ambience relaxed and quiet. The host entertaining. We'll be back. Andrew, you have been warned.

My dessert was a re-imagining of a Cherry Ripe, which is chocolate bar we get in Oz. Chocolate, cherries and coconut. Yum, yum, yum.

No more excuses

I have broken my no more excuses plan into strategies. Here's how I'm going with each.

Exercise more. 
  • I've joined my local gym. 
  • It is ugly, crowded with equipment, and has both men and women. (I've found the mix is far less intimidating than women-only gyms)
  • It is also INSIDE and out of the cold, meaning that I have actually been going to it. 

Drink more water. My tips for doing this are:
  • drink and blog
  • drink and surf the internet
  • drink and draw
  • drink and cook dinner

Eat more veggies

I planted a lettuce garden. The plants are pick-and-come-again types, so I just pick the leaves I want when I need them.

Your comments

Your comments lift my spirit and inspire me to keep going, keep drawing, keep playing with cake, keep exercising. I will try and return the favour.

Miss L


Ria Matheussen said...

I admit: me also used a pencil and normally I don't do that but after some exercises I understood the logic steps and that made is easier to draw this beautiful pattern.
I love especially you tan tile: beautiful with Mooka and these nice black/white colours!!!
Your Dino is awesome, what an original idea.

Anonymous said...

Love your tiles. My fave is the one with the watercolor, looks great...ready for framing. The dinosaurs are cute, too, especially the little green one.


Jean Chaney said...

I love how you got Skye to go in a circle. Beautiful! And, I really like your dinosaurs this week too. Fun!

Anne's tangle blog said...

So much beautiful work in this post. Concentrating on Skye: the second one is my absolute favorite.

Ilse said...

Gorgeous Skye tiles! I can't pick my favorite... The first one? The second...? Don't know! :-)

Patty CZT22 said...

Oh my!! 3 really great Skye tiles !! All of them are wonderful....and love the added water colors, really very nice!! :O)

michele said...

All of your versions of "Skye" are fantastic.

Bine said...

All your tiles so beautiful. My favorit is the third Skye-Tile.

Bine said...

All your tiles so beautiful. My favorit is the third Skye-Tile.

Suse said...

I don't know how you'd manage to get skye in a circle like that without using a pencil. It looks beautiful. I really love the one with mooka too, it works really well with the skye.

Anonymous said...

I like your plan for drinking, veggie-ing and exercising more. Would you do some for me while you're at it? I never quite get started. As for your drawing, I love all three of them, although I agree that the first one is a stunner.

Betsy Wilson said...

Great tiles! That color in the first is outstanding! Really nice blend! and it makes for such a great contrast...

michele wynne said...

Gorgeous work. All of it. I'm especially impressed by the ZIA as I've just started my first large scale piece as well. That large empty page is so intimidating for me. Your Fengles and Ellish are fantastic.
I have also embarked on a "more water, exercise and veggie" plan. Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog;-)