Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Tangle challenges

School holidays! Yay! It has been very, very cold here though so I've been house-bound. The cancer fatigue has been playing hell for the last week or so too, so staying inside not doing much has been needed.

My beautiful children  - 20 and 18 - have been having a short holiday together in Melbourne. I love that my kids are so close. I didn't ever have that with my brother (only a couple of years older than me) so it is a relief to see that my two love each other so much. 

It's also a relief that BoyBoy has finally got his provisional driver's licence. It's been a long time coming. He's had a car for a while (his 18th birthday present from us) but he just needed to pass that %$##@ test so he can drive it on his own. All good now.

Diva #323 - home

My first thought when I saw this week's challenge was the word 'Freedom'. That's what my home means to me. My home in Australia, with our freedoms of speech, of movement, of religion, which I've been teaching my Year 8 students recently. Then my home being my house and my family with my freedom to relax, to love and be loved, and to be safe. So, freedom was the focus of my tile today.

Made by Joey

This week's Made by Joey challenge is based on a star shaped string. I followed Ilse's suggestion and filled it with Auraknot, then filled the border with reticula from the Zentangle Primer. It's a relief to be finished with the Alphabet challenge - enjoyed doing it but 26 weeks was a long time.

Shelly Beauchamp CZT

I'm going to be spending two days drawing with Shelly soon. Can't wait.

This time last year when the Diva presented the 'home' challenge I was on day two of my time with Shelly. This week's challenge was a nice reminder of what was and what is to come.

I'm travelling to Hobart on Thursday morning in time to attend the National English Teacher's conference. I've got 2 and a half days there, then driving north to Launceston and Shelly for a couple of days. I'll then travel to a little country town called Deloraine for a couple of days before coming home. Looking forward to every part of the trip.

The last couple of days I've been making a little present for Shelly here's a sneak peak.

Other drawing

I've not been drawing much lately. Cancer fatigue and other busy-ness has gotten in the way. However, yesterday I found this tea pot that I bought ages ago to draw on. I started off being really careful but tea pots are really, really hard to draw on. So, I went crazy.

Here is my Zentangle Graffiti Tea Pot.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great week.

Miss L


Megan Hitchens said...

Tiles are great, but I LOVE the teapot. And I have been watching your temperatures as we are supposed to be in Canberra now (flu-ridden child has ki-boshed that for a few days). Rug up warm, take it easy, and enjoy even chillier Tassy when you get there.

Anne's tangle blog said...

Like Megan, I LOVE that tea pot!!!!But, the tile is lovely too.

I do know what you are saying about the love of your children toward each other. I LOVE seeing them together (not very often because my daughter lives some 800 km away from here), just looking at them being so close. Yes, I do know what you mean :-)

I'm a bit jealous of you going to Michelle for some days! Hope you have a fantastic time with her and above all, take care!!!

Ria Matheussen said...

Nice entry for Ilse's challenge. I like the idea of guestchallenges and I'm trying to join when it is possible.
Original idea for Laura's challenge too. I have never visited Australia but I think it is a wonderful continent and a good place to live.
Love your tea pot and wish you a happy time with Shelly!!!
Take care and kind regards from Belgium

Susie said...

Oh, I could do with a graffiti coffee pot, please! Great Auraknot tile, too, and your "home" tile says it all. Enjoy your time with Shelly!

Joey said...

Lovely Auraknot! I especially like it wrapped up in a quilt! Very cozy!
Hope you are feeling well soon,
~ joey ~

michele said...

ohmigosh! that teapot is delightful;-) Your Auraknot is very elegant and I love your Home tile. How wonderful to spend time with Shelly. I hope you're feeling better soon. Take care;-)

Suzanne Fluhr said...

Totally awesome teapot as everyone else has also opined. As an American (USAer), I understand your association of freedom with "home". Even when I'm in the pits of despair about our current chief executive, I'm happy that so far, the construction of checks and balances within our governmental structure has more or less kept him from doing too much harm. Unfortunately, he has been able accomplish some of his agenda---I mean, apparently clean air and water are highly overrated in Trumpistan. Oh dear, I am way, way off on a tangent (probably an inappropriate one for this setting too. Sorry.) I am sorry to learn that you must battle cancer fatigue, but I'm happy to learn that you have the comfort and support of loved ones.

Jean Chaney said...

My children are very close as well and it really gives me great comfort and joy. Freedom is a great word to use as inspiration. We often take it for granted, and a lot of countries and homes don't allow for freedom. I must say that my favorite though is that tea pot! Love it!

trudi said...

That teapot is so lovely it's hard to think of the other tiles! Nice Auraknot and the border echoes it beautifully. Great diva Challenge as well. I'm amazed your son didn't push for his license sooner, my kids both had their licenses as soon as they could after they turned 16 now they looked as that as freedom! Hope the fatigue gets better as you do! ((Hugs))

Ilse said...

Beautiful tiles ánd teapot :-) I love what you did with Auraknot, together with the border around it. Those tangles are so well chosen!

Donald Wilka said...

Like the sentiments that you expressed about your home. Nice work. Like most others, the teapot is really great.

Anonymous said...

That tea pot is wonderful. I did a Christmas tree shaped ornament last year and it was agony to draw on because the pen could slip too easily. (But I did love the end result.) I'm sorry your illness is getting you down and I'm sure that your visit to Shelly, which I really, REALLY envy, will at least help your frame of mind. Ohyes, I almost forgot, I like your reminder that home is freedom, not confinement and not just a place of safety. May yours always be a happy one.

HeidiSue said...

Oh my gosh, that teapot is just as sweet as can be! It's fun, trying to tangle on a curved, ultra smooth surface, eh? But all of your art here is just lovely. Do bundle up in your Southern hemisphere weather, while we up here in the baking north drape cool cloths over ourselves against the heat. hahahaha! Lucky you, drawing with Shelly Beauch! have fun!