Friday, 14 July 2017

Tangle adventures

I've titled this week's post as Tangle Adventures as my tangling took me over 1,000km to Tasmania and a day and a half tangling with the magnificent Michele Beauchamp. This was my 3rd visit to her and she was as wonderful and inspiring as always.

I was actually in Tasmania for an English and Literacy Teachers conference. I attended that for 2 and and a half days in Hobart, then skipped the last day, drove north to Launceston for some drawing with Michele. After my time with Michele I headed west for a couple of days being a tourist.

I completed all my tangle challenges sitting by the fire in a cottage in Deloraine, which is small farming and creative town in Northern Tasmania.

Diva #324 - hearts

I did a couple of tiles. Here they are. The second one draws heavily on what I practiced with Michele.

Made by Joey #173 - twisted rope string

Some influence from MB being felt here too.

Drawing with Michele Beauchamp CZT

Michele and I started with a couple of warm up tiles and some chat. The chat is a vital part of the experience, for me anyway. By the middle of the second day though the chat stops as we both concentrate on our tiles. This too is a vital part - the sharing of the Zen of Zentangle. 

Here are the warm up tiles. I particularly wanted to learn how Michele creates those wonderful, shining, 3D bands. No metallic pens in sight! And I also needed a refresher on gems. The secret there is a lot more layers of colour than I'd realised.

After the warm up tiles we moved on to our renaissance Opus tiles. I think I need to order some tan Opus - they really take colour, as well as white and shade. 

Trowunna Wildlife Park

I visited this park once before and thought I'd drop in for half an hour or so, just to see some Devils. Ended up spending over 2 hours there and only left as I had other things to do before it got too dark.

The fur on the devils is about as soft and dense as that of a puppy. Feel very lucky to get up close to these animals.

The wombat in the photo is Wattle. At (only) 16kg and 18 months old, she is not full grown yet. 

Have a great week. Find a CZT and spend a day or two with them. And thanks for dropping by my blog.

Miss L


Gudrun S. said...

So extra ordinary and elegant - I love that little color, it makes it lively

Susie said...

I agree. Sometimes our brains are limited to what we can think of and a sit together and chat with another tangler will widen the horizon. I adore the little warmup tile with the 3D flower. Yes, 3D flower. Definitely 3D! Well done, CML.

Margaret Blank said...

I'm green. Never visited Tasmania and probably never will but I like the look of it. Never visited Michelle Beauchamp either and I like the look of her and her work even more! The many and varied tiles you have worked on are gorgeous. I think I'm going to have to try gems again.

Jean Chaney said...

Beautiful pieces, and how lucky you are to have spent time with Michelle! What fun to get up so close to those amazing animals too!

Suzanne Fluhr said...

Isn't it wonderful when serendipity lands you in a place where you can also find another tangler AND fit in some sightseeing? As a trailing spouse, I met up with Margaret Blank in Birmingham, England, 3,000 miles from home. We talked for 7 hours(!) before we got down to our tiles. You obviously gained a new appreciation for the burnished technique and gems. And, it's hard to beat getting to hold a baby wombat!

Shelly Beauch said...

I'm happy happy that you had a lovely adventure in Tassie! Fab hearts!!

Anne's tangle blog said...

Wow, for all the work WOW!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Ria Matheussen said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure in Tasmania with Shelly!
Lovely pics of the Tasmanian Devil and the Wombat, I didn't know they were so big.
But most important: wonderful work with beautiful shining colours!!!

trudi said...

Beautiful work and how lovely to have a whole day with another CZT. Thanks for sharing.

HeidiSue said...

Oh my goodness what fun! Imagine spending a day with Shelley Beauch! woot! and you've done some amazing it!

Michele Wynne said...

Wowzer! Such beautiful work and an awesome adventure. How fun to share some time with another from this tangle tribe, much less an artist as amazing as Shelley. I'm so happily envious of both of you 😍💞 Thanks so much for taking on my challenge. It's gorgeous!