Thursday, 8 June 2017

Tangle challenges

Again I haven't been doing much drawing this week. Things are OK but just not in the drawing mood I guess. 

Winter is here and I'm enjoying getting out in the garden collecting fallen leaves to add to our compost bins. Winter in Canberra often means still, clear and very cold days. Love it. Looking forward to skiing again this year.

Diva #319 - Beads of Courage

I took inspiration from the Diva's question about who gives us courage. 

There's a line in Romeo and Juliet which my Year 7 English class was reading today. In Act 2 Scene 2 Romeo says to Juliet, "Look thou but sweet, therefore thy kinsmen are no stop to me". Romeo is telling Juliet that if you look at me sweetly, then I can fight off any enemy. 

With the love of my husband and children, I can fight off anything. They give me courage.

My tile today is formed by 3 interlocking rings. The tangles are all my go-to tangles, which I thought fitted the theme: go-to tangles for my go-to people.

Made by Joey

I've been trying to catch up with these challenges. I did U a few days ago and V tonight. Maybe on the weekend I can get up to this week's challenge which is W.

Bathroom renovations

Over the last week all the tiles have gone in along with the basin and shaver cabinet. The green tiles are what we see from our bedroom. Very, very pleased with how it all looks.

Kangaroo photos

The Husband took these photos last weekend. We were walking the dog on the hill, only 10 minutes walk from our house. This mob of kangaroos were out in force, sitting in the sun. This mob numbered about 100 females and young and some males. I see kangaroos most days of the week but still get a thrill when I see them. From here the city centre is about a 20 minute drive. Parliament House is about 40 minutes away. Love being so close to nature.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L


1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Great tiles, but love seeing the kangaroo pictures! How wonderful to be able to see so many.

Pat Floerke said...

Your courage tile is inspiring and perfect, and I love the kangaroos.

Michele Wynne said...

This is all so lovely! I really like the color splash on the Joey pieces 😉 What an amazing place you live in!

Deanne Biron said...

Love the kangaroos! I've heard they're this true?? They are too cute! Love the meaning behind the interlocking rings of your Diva tile! Beautiful!

Anne's tangle blog said...

I think you are indeed a lucky person to live so close to nature. Your tile is quite special,.

Susie said...

Ah, I wished I had a herd of elephants...but then I live closer to cityhall than you do. I love the idea of your Beads of Courage, to draw strength from your family and your tile represents that perfectly. Good luck with W.

Jean Chaney said...

Beautiful challenge tile in the round. I love the meaning behind how you created it. I learned a lot from you today. First, I had to look up Canberra. I didn't even know it was the capital of Australia. And, I didn't know a group of kangaroos was called a mob! Had to look that up to find that they are also called a troop, or court. You've kept me busy, LOL!

The Creative Miss L said...

Deanne, kangaroos are mostly gentle, relaxed animals. They will move away from you and then stop and watch you as you walk by. Kangaroos will, like any animal, attack if cornered and directly threatened. Adult male grey kangaroos commonly grow to over 6ft tall. They are strong and could easily rip your stomach out if they had to. I tend to give more space to the big guys and let them know I'm here so they've got time to move away. In the vast majority of cases, they will simply bounce away until they feel safe again. I do feel very privileged to live so close to these beautiful creatures. Miss L

Anonymous said...

Kangaroos seem so exotic to me. I can't imagine what it's like seeing them every day. I like the idea of the family as your source of courage; I think we sometimes forget that. And I like the work you have done and the different styles for each one.