Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Tangle challenges and other drawing

Diva #320- Dansk

This was a fun tangle to draw. While looking at Margaret Brenmer's step out I looked at her other tangles. Didn't realise that one of go to tangles - Pixioze - one of Margaret's. I decided to use only Margaret's tangles in my tile. One tile then turned into two. Later this week it will turn into more as I set Margaret's tangles as inspiration for my Zentangle Apprentice class.

It was nice revisiting Skye. Remember when this tangle was everywhere in the land of Zentangle?

Diva #319 - beads of courage

Thanks for the lovely comments about my beads of courage tile and the story behind it. Here is a photo of my inspirational, supportive, amazing family. Photo was taken yesterday while on a spur-of-the-moment family picnic. 

Left to right are The Husband, BoyBoy (who turned 18 last week) and Moo (who is close to finishing her Arts Degree at uni). Faces are not shown as I have a thing about privacy - there are limits to what I post and share online. 

Opus tile

A couple of weeks ago I started an Opus tile based on drawings of the winter solstice that I've seen online. Finally finished the tile recently. The colouring was tedious. I'd much rather draw than colour in.


New on the Zentangle App is a tangle called Spoken. Had lots of fun playing with it while watching TV.

Kitty Pic

Had a lot of trouble completing the Diva challenge this morning as Arthur was more insistent than usual on getting head rubs. BoyBoy was home to take the photo. What you don't see in the shot is the dirt Arthur left behind on my tiles and table. He'd been outside earlier digging in the veggie patch so his feet were filthy.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.

Miss L


Jean Chaney said...

Always fun to revisit tangles. There are just so many and tiles are so small! Creative piece this week! Also, nice to see photos of your family, and I especially like seeing Arthur giving kitty loves.

trudi said...

Great looking rocks, looks like it could be the beginning of a neat Stonehenge. I'll have to check into Spoken, looks interesting. I like taking pictures of the backs of people because it's much easier to draw if I ever get the urge to do a painting! Lovely tiles.

Ilse said...

Pretty tiles!

Chrissie Frampton said...

Excellent to choose some of Margaret's other tangles to go with Dansk. It is a lovely outcome on both tiles.

Anne's tangle blog said...

Wow, you were quite busy and with some beautiful results!!! I still think Arthur is GREAT, even while bringing dirt on your desk. My desk (and the rest of the house) keeps clean nowadays :-(

michele said...

Gorgeous work! Margaret is such an inspiration. I especially love your piece with her patterns. Your Spoken tiles are really cool. My cat does the same thing. I put a basket on my work table to see if I could get her off my journal. It worked for about an hour and she was back all up in my business;-)

LezliB said...

Love all of your work that you shared with us. I can agree with you and internet privacy. Most of the time I don't show faces on there either, but I did put my granddaughter's picture up a while back after I got their mother's permission (of course). I think cats are wonderful and Arthur is no exception. I have 3 amazing boy kitties that are generally all sitting around me while I am tangling at the kitchen table. Sometimes it can be a struggle to get anything done, but those kitties are so worth it! Thank you for sharing all your beautiful art with us!