Thursday, 25 February 2016

IAST #133

This week I have submitted a tile in the 'It's a string thing' challenge (see link on my home page).

It's been a while since I submitted one. This week I decided that it was time for no more excuses and to just get on with it and try.

The Tangles this week are Fife, Yincut and Flukes. Flukes is one the first Tangles I learnt, so it was OK. I struggle with Fife - my tile just gets too busy and messy for my liking. Other Tanglers seem to manage this one but not me. Yincut is one I went through a period of using but haven't used for ages.

It took me a few goes to get something that I was willing to share. Here it is.

The string this week was hard.

How do other people manage with strings that have lots of small components? I don't use them except in challenges, and even then I will often skip a challenge where I don't like the string or will not use all sections.

Your thoughts?

Have a great week.

Miss L


Adele Bruno said...

Your approach to the string was very creative - a large background of Fife and smaller grids for the tangles in the small string sections.
It is beautiful.

Lucy said...

I think your Fife is beautifully done, and recedes into the background with such depth. Nice job!