Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Diva #253 - Molygon

This week's Diva challenge uses the new Tangle from the mother ship - Molygon.

I have done a very quick tile this evening so it's not my best work, however, it was very instinctive and I adapted my design as I went. What was in my head is not what turned out on paper. Maybe the outcome is not the best but the process was?

Here's my tile.

My reason for not having time is that I'm tired and had school work to do this evening. Plus I am hooked onto watching "I'm a celebrity - get me out of here". Trashy TV but it gives Moo and I a chance to shout at the TV together. The bigger event today was the first day back at school for my students. 

First day back with students, particularly for Homeroom teachers like myself, is massive. You have to be 'on' all day. There is no gentle easing back into it. It will take me at least a week to retrain my voice into class-fitness. It's all good and I love it. I do get very tired though.

My new string obsession

I've been playing around with jigsaws as strings. Each piece is a mono-tangle. The coloured one is complete, the uncoloured one hasn't been shaded yet and the final one is my classroom sign.

I found the jigsaw template online somewhere that I can't recall. I hope you like them.

The Tangles in the coloured piece are favourites of mine. 

The Tangles in this unfinished piece follow the alphabet, starting at A. Most of the Tangles are new to me. It was a good way to expand my repertoire. 

The Tangles in my class sign are mostly favourites with a few new ones from the piece above thrown in. The 8KLA is my class name.  

Thanks for dropping by. Your comments help make me a better artist.

Miss L


The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

You are so good responding to the Diva when you are tired. I love, love, love the Jigsaw idea and you have drawn them all so beautifully. Gorgeous colouring in the first one.

Anonymous said...

Cute tile for the challenge, but I must say I love the two jigsaw pieces! It's a brilliant idea to monotangle the pieces, I'll have to try that, too, someday. :-)

1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Great challenge tile, and I certainly know what you mean by training your voice for the classroom all day! It does take awhile! Lots of hot water and lemon to help that throat! The jigsaw pieces are lovely and your room sign is great!

Ilse said...

Cute Diva tile!

Michele Wynne said...

Beautiful work! I love that puzzle piece sampler.

Anne's tangle blog said...

The jigsaw zia is gorgeous!!! And the Diva tile too. Know what you mean, watching 'trashy' TV is fantastic to comment all the time :-)

Anonymous said...

I just love that jigsaw idea so now you've set me off on a mission to find a template to try for myself. My trashy TV fix is called "Say yes to the Dress". I love it. And your Diva tile is rather nice. It's deceptively simple and all the better for it.

1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Miss L, Go to your overview page, go to Settings, then posts and comments, and under the comments moderation click on Always. Hope this helps out! 1 Art Lady Kate

Christiane K. said...

Beautifull Molygon! And a great idea with the Jigsaws pieces!

Annette P. (aka LonettA) said...

All are wonderful! Especially i like your jigsaw Zia! So great idea!

Daniele OBrien Design, CZT said...

Molygon with Knightsbridge is a great combo. I love your Jigsaw, string theory pieces. Just wonderful.