Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Tangle challenges

I have been absent from Diva challenges for a few months, haven't posted on my blog for a few months, and have been doing very little drawing for a few months.

No particular reason for this other than lack of inspiration. I've been drawing pretty consistently for a couple of years. Maybe it's been time for a break? There also hasn't been much going on in my life other than work, so nothing much to blog about either.

Here's my Diva tile. I've kept it simple. The green eye shapes are where my wrinkly knuckles are.

Here's my latest Tangle-a-Day calendar page. I've decided to stay with official Zentangle.com tangles for the time being while I get my groove back. Maybe I'll also stop being overly critical of my work - so many days started but not finished.

Thanks for dropping by.

Miss L


Cathy said...

Nice work! I love the eyes - they are cool!

Anne's tangle blog said...

Like Cathy, I like the eyes ... a lot! I know what you mean about tangling for some years and then all of a sudden being out of inspiration. Mine is coming back slowly. Hope yours is too.