Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Zentangle challenges and drawing

We are in the middle of a heat wave. While the northern hemisphere is getting snow, we are getting heat.  Days and days of high 30s and low 40s. Our backyard weather station (which includes a sky cam - how cool!) has been registering temps of 41 and 42 degrees.  While our house has very good air conditioning, the heat just saps your energy. Even the birds are quiet. This has given me plenty of time for Zentangle. 

Diva #348 - Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day

I kept my tiles simple, adding purple with a touch of blue using a mist spray. However, in the photos the purple has come out grey. Oh well. 

This tile uses Kuke and Florz.

This one uses D'Rua and Flux.

Made by Joey #200

The challenge was to use string #165 and the tangle Exeter. I added 'Nzeppel and Footlites, which are my go-to tangles at the moment. I'm pleased with how my 'Zneppel has been turning out lately so it appears a lot in my work.

Tangle a day calendar

This brilliant tangle calendar is produced by Carole Ohl CZT and features the work of Margaret Bremner CZT.  This is my first time using the calendar and I'm enjoying it. The paper is smooth and the results of the Facebook group page inspiring.

This is one of my pages from earlier this month.

Other drawing - going really, really big this time

During this week's heat I've been working on an A2 sized ZIA. The coloured leaf pattern is inspired by something I found on the Sakura website. I used Faber Castle water colours, random black pens (waiting on a new batch of Sakura microns) and Copic markers for the shading. 

This is my first time using the Copics for shading. I highly recommend them for shading larger works. I found the process much quicker and resulted in a cleaner finish.

Here's my master piece. I'm very pleased with it. It's going in my lounge room soon.

Arthur the Cat got involved too. He is sitting on my computer desk right now, getting in the way of the screen. Mmmm. Love that cat. He'll get bored and move away soon.

Here's an early photo of my ZIA. I do use strings sometimes.

Have a great week and thanks for your comments. They help me improve my art and make my day.



Gudrun S. said...

Wonderful tiles and great (Cat-)ZIA :-))

Ria Matheussen said...

Wonderful Zia, very nice to combine brilliant colors and black/white, maybe it was Athur that inspired you?
Lovely pages in your calendar and I like the adding of 'n Zeppel and Footlites on Joey's challenge.
The use of mist spray is very nice. I don't know that technique but it looks good!
Wish you a few degrees lower and we a few degrees higher!!!

Cathy said...

Beautiful work! I love the ZIA and the brightly colored leaves. I have never tried copics, perhaps I should sometime.

~ joey ~ said...

All of your work is so lovely! The large bright piece is so striking, will you be framing it? Thanks so much for contributing your tiles to my challenge!

The Creative Miss L said...

Joey, I will be framing the ZIA.

Anonymous said...

I love the masterpiece. You call it that jokingly but I do think it is stunning. Those blasts of colour against the black and white detail are fabulous. Here in the UK we have coldish and damp conditions. There are occasional flurries of snow that turn to gray slush and wash away. Not the prettiest time of year but, since it means we don't want to go out in it, what do I have time for? Tangling. Works for me.

michele said...

These are all so lovely;-) That ZIA is a stunner!

Lisa said...

Wow, your large piece is amazing!! The color in it is really wonderful. It's so vibrant and is blended together so smoothly. And I really love your calendar pages, very pretty! Also, your cat is a cutie :-)

HeidiSue said...

all of these pieces are stunning. The zia is especially inspirational. I love the details...could look at it for a LONG time!

Annette P. said...

Wonderful pieces all! And I do love your ZIA!
Very inspiring post!