Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Diva 248 - give the gift of Zentangle

Hi and welcome to my blog.

If you are reading this you have probably come here via the IamthedivaCZT blog spot. If not, please let me know in the comments as I'm interested to know.

I have been blogging for only a couple of months and have been participating in the weekly Diva challenges for just as long. There are a couple of things that really make the Diva and her challenges stand out for me.

  1. I love reading about her family and seeing photos of a place that I have no experience of
  2. I learn new skills, tangles or strings each week
  3. I learn from what other people do in response to the challenges. I often file these away in my inspirations folder for later use.
  4. I like the immediacy of the way the Diva has set up the response section of her website. I might visit her site multiple times so I can see what other people have added before I start, then look again after I've submitted my link, and then again later just browse and see where the links take me. 
This week the Diva asked us to think about giving the gift of Zentangle. From my humble point of view, I am the recipient of the gift of Zentangle. 

I am so grateful to:
  • Rick and Maria for sharing this wonderful, versatile, accessible, creative medium with us
  • people like the Diva, Adele and Linda Farmer for putting the time and effort into websites, blogs and challenges that keep us all hooked and drawing
  • Shelley Beauchamp CZT for letting me come and learn from her earlier this year
  • Kathleen Murray CZT and Beckah Krahula CZT for publishing Zentangle books that keep pushing my skills and providing endless inspiration for my drawing
  • Readers of this blog. Your visits and comments give me encouragement as well as an unexpected sense of belonging to a community that is spread across the world.
Thank you all so much.

This will be my last post for a while as I'm off on holidays soon to a place with no internet or mobile phone coverage. However, this place has lots of sheltered beaches, palm-fringed and filled with coral and tropical fish.

To end this post I've chosen a cute photo of my dog Milo dressed in his best. Milo is a 9 year old pure bred Kelpie. 

Happy Christmas to you all. Happy holidays to any non-Christians. Happy end of the year for non-Christians and people who will be working over the next couple of weeks.

Miss L


The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

A happy Christmas to you too. What a great idea to do a thanks to everyone. It is amazing how a few words from people can be so uplifting, especially as we don't really know each other. Your tangled thanks is beautifully drawn. See you in the New Year

Lily M. said...

Lovely gift :)

Anne's tangle blog said...

I like this post and wish you a fantastic holiday in that tropic place.

Ilse said...

Lovely gift - and have a nice holiday!

Jean Chaney said...

Sweet gift, and adorable Milo! I hope you have/had a relaxing time. Merry Christmas!

Michele Wynne said...

How lovely! Happy Holidays!

Anja said...

Beautiful work! I wish you a very Merry Christmas!