Travel to: Jervis Bay NSW

I have just come back from a couple of days at Jervis Bay. I went for a short break with my daughter Moo.

Jervis Bay is a massive bay on the south coast of NSW. It is bigger than Sydney Harbour by some multiple. But the size doesn't matter, it's the sandy beaches and small town atmosphere that drew us.

The best known town in the area is Huskisson, which is about a 3 hour drive from Canberra. We've been visiting there off and on for years but haven't been back for about 3 years. Moo and I can't believe we've left so long a gap between visits. 

Our accommodation

We stayed at a beautiful little apartment called Bayswater Beach Shack in Vincentia. The shack is a converted garage but you quickly forget that once on the deck or inside.

Our host Debra provided everything we could need for a short stay, other than our dinner. There was a generous basket of fruit in the fridge, jars of cereal for breakfast, interesting books to browse or read, boogy boards for us to take into the surf, plus good quality coffee and a wide choice of teas. 

I loved the attention to detail, and the relaxed theme of purples and blues. I also loved the birds and lizards that populated the garden. 

I've already booked another weekend away here, this time with the Husband.

The beaches

The beaches are what people go to Jervis Bay for. The sand is soft, fine and white.  The water is clear. The waves are small due to the geography of the Bay.

On our second day we swam twice. The first was first thing in the morning at Collingwood Beach, which was only a 2 min walk from the Shack.

Later in the morning, after a second breakfast of bacon and maple syrup sandwiches, we went to Hyams Beach. Hyams Beach supposedly has the whitest sand of any beach in the world. Lately it's been more famous for the number of sharks close in to shore.

We didn't see any sharks but we did enjoy the water and the views. 

The image below is of Chinaman's Beach, which is just north of Hyams and still within village of Hyams Beach.

The unexpected

One of the joys of travelling, even for a short break, is discovering something new, something unexpected.  

The unexpected experience for both Moo and I was seeing Soldier crabs. 


Neither of us had seen anything like them before. They live in mangrove swamps and estuaries and emerge in their thousands, all at the same time, and march off together. Apparently they are the only crab that can walk forwards! 

The crab discovery was just strange and weird and a whole lot freaky. The things make this noise they move together, like their little legs are clicking all at once. Urgh. They didn't stop me picking some up  or following them around for a while. 

This was a lovely short break for Moo and I. Much needed and appreciated. Moo is wonderful company and a great travel companion.

Miss L


Jennifer Sparrow said...

Your post is so enticing! I saw the picture of the soldier crab on your ZT challenge page and had to find out more. What a funny, beautiful critter. I bet Maria would love to draw it! (Reminds me of one of her beetles.) I have never been to Australia, much to my regret. What a gorgeous place you've discovered! I'm happy for you!

The Creative Miss L said...

Thanks for your kind comments. I love my country deeply. I also love travelling and discovering new, unexpected things. I'm getting quite a kick out of sharing it with people through my blog.