Travel to: Lord Howe Island

This page is all about Lord Howe Island. It is one of my favourite parts of Australia. My family and I have just returned from a week spent there. 

Here's a link to a map of the island. The pictures I'm about to post will make more sense if you have an understanding of the layout of the island, or not. 


More information about the island can be found at LHI info.

Keep an eye out for other 'travel to' pages as I intend to create other pages about places that I've visited and recommend to others.

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Miss L

LHI Day 1 highlights

We arrived at about 9.30 to a beautiful clear, still, not-too-hot day. It was wonderful to be back (5th visit for the Husband and I, 4th visit for Moo and BoyBoy). We stayed at Ocean View Apartments, as always. Central location, friendly hosts, accommodation has everything we need and nothing we don't. 

View from the plane, overlooking Mt Eliza and North Bay

Ocean View Apartments
View from Old Settlement Beach looking south
Moo and I snorkelling at Ned's Beach
View from the water at Ned's looking towards Malabar Hill.
Swimming with the turtles, Ned's Beach
Clouds of tropical fish. 

LHI Day 2 highlights

This morning we hired kayaks so we could get out onto the lagoon. The water was clear enough to see coral and fishes.  This proved to be our last fine day. It poured with rain every day afterwards.

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