Gallery: Diva Challenges

This page is a place for me to share and store my tiles for the 'I am the Diva' challenges. A link to the Diva's website is on my home page.

The Diva's challenge is the first challenge that I became aware of once I looked into the online world of Zentangle. Through participating in Diva challenges I have obviously broadened my skills and knowledge of Zentangle.

The unexpected benefit of participating is that now I belong to a world wide community of fellow Zentanglers. I love visiting the blogs of other artists and I cannot describe the pleasure I get from the comments these lovely people leave on my blog. 

It is just wonderful, incredible, amazing and humbling to have people from Europe, North America and other parts of the world show concern for my health after reading one of my blog posts in response to a Diva challenge or share in my joy over my kids or my cats. 

There is this whole community out there, online, drawing and sharing their drawing. Love it, love it, love it.

Miss L

Diva #264 - Spring

Diva #261 - stacked tiles

Diva #260 - Shattuck Monotangle

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