Cake Day

Happy birthday to me. Happy Mother's Day as well.

My present for both these days, which fell only 2 days apart this year, was a day spent learning how to decorate a cake. It was a full day of learning, accompanied by The Best Daughter in the World. Moo - I love you so, so much.

The course was run by Canberra Cake Boutique's owner and operator, Heike.

I have not been much of a cake maker or decorator, as my talents lie more with the savoury side of things. When the kids were little I did make an effort with their cakes. But nothing like what I learnt on Sunday.

The course only had 4 of us - two friends in their 30s plus Moo and I. 

We started the day with a massive chocolate mud cake plus what seemed like a bucket of chocolate ganache. We ended the day with a beautifully decorated, fondant-covered masterpiece. Each.  Final weight of my cake was 5kg.

During the day we learnt how to prepare the cake boards, how to cut the cake into even layers, how to cement the layers together, and the many steps to get a smooth-sided, smooth-topped cake. This took us a good few hours to achieve. Who knew there were so many steps or that a set square would be involved? Not me.

After lunch we got to cover the cakes in fondant. We learnt how to use strange tools including strange paddle-like things as well as acupuncture needles. I'm so proud of how smooth and perfect my cake looked.

Finally we got to decorate. 

This is where Heike's course is different to what I understand other courses offer. We got to choose what design to apply to our cakes. It was totally up to us.

Heike was so generous in letting us use whatever tools she had in the store and enthusiastic and supportive of our ideas. No sooner would one of us ask if this was a good idea then she would find the perfect tool to make the job easier. Need a particular colour? No worries. Heike would find some fondant in that colour or some colouring gel for you.

I based my design on a mosaic that I designed and made about 9 years ago. I used to do a lot of mosaic-ing and even managed to sell a few pieces. But that's another story.

Moo wanted to make hers into a present for her best friend who has been in hospital for a few days. Her name is B, so Moo made a beehive inspired cake. The words on top of the cake are typical of Moo - "Glad you didn't die". The traditional "Get well" just would not suit.

Moo and I had a lovely, lovely day playing with food. While we don't think we'll do many cakes like this, it was fun to learn. We're now thinking about doing a sugar flower course with Heike later in the year.

Thank you Moo for making this day so special. Love you heaps lots, Baby Girl.

Miss L

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